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Emergency Roof Repair

Living in Florida can seem like a vacation most of the time, but the dangers of occasional Hurricanes are enough to keep any homeowner up at night. Just look at the damage caused by Andrew, Wilma, and Irma for a brief taste of how devastating these storms can be to property and infrastructure. Your roof is one of your primary defense against the elements, and anyone who’s lived through these storms can tell you, temporarily covering your damaged roof with a blue tarp isn’t enough.

Hurricanes are scary, but direct strikes aren’t nearly as common as other types of natural accidents. One day seemingly out of the blue, a tree could crash down onto your house due to rotted roots. You could have a hidden leak caused by damaged shingles which have been seeping into your roof supports and causing potentially thousands of dollars in damage.

These are just some examples of Murphy’s Law in action, and you’d be genuinely surprised with the kinds of repairs we’ve made for our customers. The worst accidents are often the ones you can’t plan for, but no need to worry because we’re just a phone call away.

Our specially trained experts can inspect and write up an estimate the same day to get the ball rolling. All of our repairs meet or exceed most municipal codes and, especially in Sunny Florida, are designed with future catastrophes in mind so that your home can better withstand whatever nature throws at you.

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